Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Books: Southern Cakes and Sunday Roast

SOUTHERN CAKES (linked above) by Nancie McDermott has a cover that's hard to resist. It's subtitled SWEET AND IRRESISTIBLE RECIPES FOR EVERYDAY CELEBRATIONS.

I still usually use a boxed mix for cakes, while making frosting from scratch, but a book like this might tempt me to try a recipe from scratch.

The L.A. Times just reviewed the book, which was released last May. The review includes a mouth-watering photo of a brown sugar pound cake. The article includes a link to the recipe. (Warning: This recipe may disappear into the Times archives so print it soon if you're interested!)

SUNDAY ROAST, by Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott, will be released on September 25th. This book is by a British cook and features extensive information on carving. Sounds interesting, although Booklist warns "...this volume may not appeal to all Americans because its photographs expose the English penchant for overcooking meat." That gave me a chuckle.

On the other hand, Booklist also says "The authors' unremitting and uncompromising use of British terminology also sounds obscure to the American ear..." That part sounds like fun! I love "translating" new-to-me British terms.


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