Friday, September 14, 2007

Coming Next Week: Hillarycare, the Rerun

Oh, joy...not.

Meanwhile, Steven Stark asks "Does America Want a Clinton Monarchy?" and raises the question which isn't being asked often enough -- exactly what was Hillary's "White House experience," and why should it matter?

Stark writes: "The only experience she has that Obama lacks is that she married a guy who was elected president and, as a result, got to live and work in the White House."

He continues: "The idea that spouses gain qualifications through their partners' jobs is a radically new idea in this country. And no one seems to be debating it -- at least not publicly."

It's a debate we need to have. I suspect, however, that the complacent media will continue to ignore the questions that need to be asked.

More on this subject was posted here last July. As I said then, "If Laura Bush ran for President and cited her White House experience, what would be the reaction of those on the left and in the media?

"We all know the answer."


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