Friday, September 14, 2007

Good for Rudy

Republican Presidential nominee Rudy Giuliani, upon learning that the New York Times had sold a full-page ad at a massive discount -- thus financially supporting the "Betray Us" ad impugning the honor of General Petraeus -- demanded that the NYT give him ad space at the same price, for the date of his choice.

The paper tried to insist that the lower rates were for ads that would be run on uncertain dates, as the Times had available space, and Rudy pointed out MoveOn had their ad run exactly when they wanted it to run, and the Times should provide the same to the opposing view.

He got it.

As one pundit said, this move was classic Giuliani.

Rudy has also spoken out about the threatened "Borking" of Ted Olson.

These kinds of moves are why Rudy continues to be a strong candidate for the Republican nomination, despite not being the most conservative candidate in the running.


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