Friday, September 28, 2007

Rush Limbaugh: Anatomy of a Smear

The mainstream media and Democrats are erroneously asserting that Rush Limbaugh has called soldiers who disagree with the war in Iraq "phony soldiers."

The reality is Rush was speaking of someone who really was a phony soldier, Jesse MacBeth, who had claimed to have served as an Army Ranger in Iraq but in reality was drummed out of the military after 44 days. The left bought his fake anti-war stories hook, line, and sinker, and that's happened more than once during the war, witness the Scott Thomas Beauchamp scandal at the New Republic.

Rush's opening monologue today is on YouTube (subject link). Or you can read the transcript.

Sadly, a rumor is around the block before truth gets its shoes on. None of the "players" involved bothered to phone Rush or get a transcript of the show, because they didn't want to know the truth.

As Rush said today: "The Drive-By Media is as partisan as any organization out there. They hide under this notion that they are objective, but they've got an agenda. They have their narratives. They have their templates. When anything fits the narrative, whether it's true or not -- i.e., the Duke rape case -- you go with it. You run with it! You make the mess! This is why they're called the 'Drive-By' Media. You make the mess. They drive in. They shoot things up, create all kinds of mess, get in the convertible, head back down the road, and it's left to people like me to clean up the mess that they make -- and they make messes every day, over, and over, and over again."

He concluded: "Then they'll go to their favorite Democrats for a comment, they'll get some stupid comments from them and run and rerun the lies so that two years from now the truth and their lies become one and the same in the minds of people. This is their attempt here. This is because they don't want to debate the issues, because they can't win."


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