Friday, October 12, 2007

Coming To DVD: The Waltons, Season 6

Season 6 of one of my all-time favorite series, THE WALTONS, comes to DVD on January 8th. Here's a look at the beautiful cover art.

I loved the depiction of the WWII years later in the series. This season includes "The Children's Carol," in which children who are refugees of the London Blitz come to stay with the Baldwin Sisters.

As the box shows, this was also the season when Mary Ellen and Curt became the parents of John Curtis.

THE WALTONS ran 9 seasons, and there was also a "10th season" which consisted of three two-hour TV-movies which I would love to see on DVD. Hopefully the 1980 special A DECADE OF THE WALTONS will be in one of the later DVD sets as well.

As for the 1990s "reunion movies," which erased characters and logical timelines...we'll pretend those didn't exist!


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