Sunday, October 21, 2007

More on Hillary and the Chinese Funny Money

More details emerged today in the story of Mrs. Clinton's mysterious Chinese donors, who don't seem to earn enough to afford making donations in the thousands of dollars.

Power Line (subject link) links to a New York Post story about a donor who was reimbursed for her $1000 donation to Mrs. Clinton. "Laundered" donations of this type are illegal.

Ed Morrissey: "Who wants Hillary elected so badly that they keep using Asian-Americans as straw donors to flood her coffers with their cash? Who has this much cash to dump into the presidential election? Perhaps the FBI will start looking for those answers -- and soon."

Monday Update: The Washington Post on "Dishwashers for Clinton."

Does the American public really want to return to the Clintons and the corruption that inevitably goes with them? Sigh.


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