Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rohrabacher Presses for Berger Polygraph

As part of his plea bargain, Sandy Berger -- who infamously stole and destroyed highly classified documents from the National Archives -- was supposed to submit to a polygraph exam.

The Justice Department has inexplicably refused to administer the exam. As noted by National Review, the Justice Department's light treatment of the Berger case has been strange from the outset.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher -- who was my Representative for many years until redistricting -- has written the Justice Department asking that the polygraph exam go forward. 22 members of Congress also signed the letter.

Instead of fulfilling his legal obligations, Berger is now advising Mrs. Clinton, as mentioned here last month.

One has to wonder: Does Mrs. Clinton feel she owes Berger a position in order to keep him quiet about what he destroyed?

The Clinton campaign, it should be noted, claims Berger has "no official position." However, they skirt around confirming that he's unofficially advising her.

The strange thing is that so many Americans, including those in the media, are willing to give Mrs. Clinton a free pass despite her sordid connections and unsavory past activities.

Barbara Olson's THE FINAL DAYS continues to make the case against Hillary, six years after its publication. If you've not yet read it, it's an eye-opening "must read."


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