Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fun Cookbook Finds

I love vintage cookbooks, and today I made a couple great finds at a used cookbook sale at our church: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS COOKIES AND CANDIES and another BH&G volume, PIES AND CAKES.

The books date from 1966 -- perhaps I shouldn't call them "vintage" or I'll have to include myself in that category! They have wonderful retro photos and many appealing recipes. Molasses Pound Cake looks especially good....

My husband remembers PIES AND CAKES being used in his kitchen when he was growing up.

Our 12-year-old daughter has already mixed up a batch of the sugar cookie recipe and has it chilling in the fridge so she can roll them out right after dinner.

These were a bargain at a total of $1.50, considering how much we're likely to enjoy them in the years to come. :)


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