Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillary's $40 Billion Tax Rebate: Don't Believe It

Hillary Clinton has proposed an economic stimulus package which includes a $40 billion tax rebate if the "economy worsens."

Sure, that'll happen, just like President Clinton's 1992 campaign promise of a "middle class tax cut." You remember that one...the tax cut that he reneged on 26 days after he was inaugurated (moaning he'd worked harder than he'd ever worked in his life but couldn't do it); instead, he retroactively raised taxes!

If Hillary wants to take credit for everything good in the Clinton Administration, she needs to explain why the Clinton Administration said our economy just couldn't afford a tax cut in the early '90s but she would follow through on a tax cut herself.

The reality is that if Hillary Clinton is elected and there is still a Democratic-controlled Congress, it's a given that we'll all be looking at tax increases one year hence.


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