Monday, March 17, 2008

Sad, Just Sad

David Paterson was sworn in as governor of New York today, and followed that happy event with a newspaper interview in which he and his wife admitted they have each had affairs during the course of their marriage.

Nothing like unloading bad news on the first day of an administration.

But hey, he swears he didn't use state funds or campaign cash to pay for his extramarital flings.

Meanwhile, the stories about the former governor of New Jersey...I don't even want to go there, except to speculate perhaps McGreevey and his pal are trying to smear Mrs. McGreevey for leverage in the divorce case.

What's wrong with our country in general, and politicians in particular, when low-class behavior like this is so commonplace?

Thursday Update: Paterson's assertion that he didn't use campaign cash to pay the expenses for his affairs wasn't true.


Blogger jau said...

Actually, I think it's always been true - the difference is that people are telling it out loud now. Jack Kennedy made all these folks look like amateurs, if you think about it. Plus he was deceitful and dishonest politically. I'm not crazy about men who think they are very powerful and therefore above ordinary checks and balances of all kinds. But I never have been and they've been around for a very long time, I'm sad to say.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That's a good point. Kennedy really did make these guys look like amateurs, but the press hid it at the time; and there are other politicians who have been similarly unfaithful, on both sides of the aisle. The power and the adulation from so many people probably has an effect on the ego of many of these men.


11:07 AM  

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