Thursday, April 24, 2008

Actress Joy Page Dies at 83

Last week I enjoyed my first-ever viewing of BULLFIGHTER AND THE LADY (1951), starring Robert Stack and Joy Page.

Just two days after I saw the film and wrote this post, Joy Page passed away in Los Angeles.

As I wrote in the BULLFIGHTER post, Page's most famous role was as Annina, the young wife helped by Humphrey Bogart in CASABLANCA.

Aside from the two films mentioned above, another of Page's best-known films was the 1944 version of KISMET, in which she played Marsinah, a role also portrayed by Loretta Young and Ann Blyth in two of the many other filmed versions of the story. James Craig was her leading man in that film; Ronald Colman and Marlene Dietrich also starred.

Page was the stepdaughter of studio head Jack L. Warner and was married for many years to actor-producer William T. Orr, whose production credits include my favorite TV series, MAVERICK.


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