Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain: "Out of Touch With Reality" and Republicans

John McCain continues to show why he is a troubling candidate for conservatives.

He's more interested in badmouthing the President and his own party than in laying blame where it's due, i.e., the state and local officials in New Orleans, or on Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Just when a conservative thinks maybe it's possible to vote for McCain as the best of three bad choices, he goes and cozies up to liberals again, and all bets are off.

Saturday Update: Welcome to readers of Right Truth.

John Hinderaker at Power Line in "McCain Triangulates": "...if he thinks he can win by attacking his own party and out-Bush-bashing the Democrats, he is sadly mistaken."

Peter Wehner at National Review: McCain is "wrong and reckless" charging, in so many words, that calling attention to Obama's assocation with Reverend Wright is racist.


Blogger Dana said...

I have an impending sense of dread... this isn't a good sign and I hope someone reminds him of which party it is that is behind him - for now at least....

8:37 PM  

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