Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama's Views on God and Guns Aren't New

Ed Morrissey has video of Barack Obama as far back as 2004 telling an interviewer that "men went hunting and women went to church out of frustration with economic hardships because of the comfort of family and cultural traditions."

Hmmm, so why is it we continue to go to church or hunt when times are good?

More from Ed about Obama's interview with Charlie Rose:

"...the construct still appears to follow the Thomas Frank assumption that voters who don’t vote for economic pandering are essentially idiots. Rose even mentions at the end how difficult it will be to keep the massive condescension it requires from becoming too obvious. Obama says, 'Exactly' — but three years later, failed to heed Rose’s warning."

As more than one pundit has noted in recent days, under this theory the Founding Fathers, with their reliance on God and guns, must have been very bitter people incapable of acting in their own political interests...!

Along those lines, back to Ed Morrissey, who shares my concern about Obama's socialism:

"The reliance on economics as the basis for political determinism serves as the basis for Marxist thought. It runs in opposition to the American experiment, which arose from isolation from the British political system more than any other impetus. The founding documents of the nation barely mention economics at all, with references only to minting currency and regulating interstate commerce. The focus on economic determinism insults the intelligence of the entire spectrum of American voters, and once again calls into question Obama’s concepts of politics, American culture, and the breadth and depth of how America changed the world."


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