Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Paul Revere, Boston, and Massachusetts

John Hinderaker has a great post at Power Line on the 233rd anniversary of Paul Revere's Ride.

I love Old North Church, Boston's Freedom trail, Longfellow's poem (here's a great edition), and David Hackett Fischer's book on Revere, so I'll basically just say a big "ditto" to everything in his post.

I would like to share the title of another Paul Revere book I love, PAUL REVERE AND THE WORLD HE LIVED IN by Esther Forbes, whose other great work was JOHNNY TREMAIN. I found my copy of the Forbes book in a fabulous used bookstore in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

I especially love Concord; check out this post by Jacqueline at New England Travels. Another good book is LEXINGTON AND CONCORD: THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by Arthur Tourtellot.

Although I've been fortunate enough to make multiple trips to Massachusetts, I haven't been there since a few months before 9/11...I didn't have a digital camera then, which makes it more difficult to share my own photos here. Visiting the places "where America began" is a thrilling thing for anyone who loves our country.


Blogger J.C. Loophole said...

Fischer's book (and Forbes') is fantastic. In fact I assign his book for my American Revolution Class as mandatory reading and most students (even the ones who hate the readings) get through it quickly wishing the textbook was half as good.
I also assign the Preface as a reading for all of my history classes as part of a reading comprehension exercise. Fischer is one of the best living historians that we have.

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