Friday, May 23, 2008

The Blake DeWitt Fan Club

We've been fans of the Dodgers rookie Blake DeWitt since Opening Day, when he was plucked out of the minors to fill in at third base.

Back in DeWitt's hometown in Missouri, a radio station has even signed up to carry Dodgers games. If DeWitt is demoted to AAA Las Vegas, the station will try to carry those games instead.

Hopefully he won't be returned to the minors again!

In other baseball news...

Jon Weisman of the Dodger Thoughts blog has a book due out in 2009, 100 THINGS DODGER FANS SHOULD KNOW AND DO BEFORE THEY DIE.

A tip of the cap to former Dodger catching great Mike Piazza, who is retiring. The Dodgers have been remarkably blessed in the catcher position, dating back to Brooklyn.

Finally, word has leaked that the Big A will host the 2010 All-Star Game, the first time the game has been played in Southern California since 1989. The formal announcement will be made next week.


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