Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Book: The Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook

Here's a fun cookbook I found while browsing at Borders yesterday afternoon.

THE ESSENTIAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKBOOK is by Elinor Klivans, author of 2004's excellent BIG FAT COOKIES. Klivans has also contributed to Williams-Sonoma's ESSENTIALS OF BAKING and many other baking cookbooks. The book was put out at the very end of last year by Chronicle Books, a publisher I mentioned in a post yesterday.

The book has beautiful photography and many interesting recipes, including Chocolate Chip Gingerbread, Chocolate Chip-Crumb Pound Cake, and In-the-Chips Marble Cake.


Blogger windycorner said...

That photo is so tempting. I can see why you picked up this book. A friend made Toll House Pie for a luncheon this week and it was delicious. She said it was easy and used to be printed on the package. It's hard to go wrong with Toll House in the name of a dessert.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

"It's hard to go wrong with Toll House in the name of a dessert."

Agreed! :)

I'm looking forward to spending some time this weekend reading it and choosing a recipe to try out.

Best wishes,

2:42 PM  

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