Monday, May 19, 2008

Scarier and Scarier

So Barack Obama...

...believes that the "critical ingredient" for a judge is "supplied by what is in the judge’s heart" rather than by the judge's knowledge of the law and adherence to the Constitution.

...believes his wife should be able to campaign for him, but that her speeches are not fair game for critical analysis or response from the opposition.

...believes that other countries should be able to give U.S. citizens the okay for whether or not we drive SUVS, the temperature we keep our homes, and how much we eat.

...believes he's not that well-known in Kentucky because his home state of Illinois is further from Kentucky than Arkansas. (Check out this map.)

...believes that Kennedy's meeting with Kruschev was a success.

...believes that Iran is "not a serious threat" compared to the Soviet Union, because Iran has a smaller military than did the Soviets, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the former policy of mutual deterrence and the danger of nuclear materials in the hands of a relatively small number of terrorists.

And the above doesn't even touch on his desire to meet with the leaders of terrorist nations without preconditions, his comments on "bitter" voters clinging to their guns and God, or his longtime relationships with a hatemonger (Jeremiah Wright) and terrorists (William Ayers and his wife).

Is there really a chance this man could be elected President?

Tuesday Update: Ed Morrissey on "Budgeting and Asymmetrical Threats": "Anyone who can dismiss the threat of Iran out of hand because it’s 'tiny' someone who has spent the last fifteen years wearing blinders."


Blogger Dana said...

Nicely layed out, Laura. The one aspect of the 'list' that seems to strike a collective sense of incredulousness in people is regard Mrs. Obama and the hands-off policy.

That Barack cannot see or grasp how inflammatory her statements have been toward middle America only reaffirms to me that he himself is clueless. How can he possibly represent the masses when his own philosophies are so beyond left that he doesn't see the damage his wife's rants have caused?

If she cannot take the heat, then get out of the proverbial kitchen. Its one thing to campaign and positively endorse her husband to the masses but its quite another to insult, belittle and offend a vast number of voters as a result of a big and bitter chip on her shoulder.

9:40 PM  
Blogger J.C. Loophole said...

Sen. Obama's comment concerning Kennedy and the Cuban Missle Crisis demonstrates his utter lack of historical knowledge and context, but also his complete inadequacy as the bearer of the Kennedy mantle. Pres. Kennedy may be over-rated and is most certainly "misappropriated" by liberals- especially those who "forget" his tax cuts, stance on the military, etc.
Sen. Obama was disingenious, at best, in his summoning of the Kennedy ghost in regards to negotiating with America's enemies. The first response wasn't "talk" it was send warships to blockade the Russians from delivering nuclear missles to Cuba- it was to act. Talk came when things were at a dangerous stalemate, but we still refused to back down. (This is where some would argue Kennedy's lack experience showed). And talking didn't include backing down on removing the missiles from Cuba.
One thing (among many) that Sen. Obama doesn't get is that the world is a dangerous place, and that America has enemies who are just salivating for a weak-kneed leader who would rather negotiate that stand up and defend America's freedoms and peoples. Those things are non-negotiable.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Well, Laura... we are simple minded folk here in Kintuckee...

Good grief.

Nice post. I second Dana's sentiments.

4:24 PM  

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