Thursday, July 03, 2008

Coming to DVD: Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

October 14th is the release date for the latest ginormous collection of Alfred Hitchcock movies.

The Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection contains 8 Hitchcock titles. Some of the titles have been released previously -- for instance, REBECCA, NOTORIOUS, and SPELLBOUND were all past Criterion releases -- there are many new extras including brand-new commentaries and featurettes.

NOTORIOUS, which had commentaries by Rudy Behlmer and Marian Keane in its previous release, this time around has commentaries by USC cinema professors Drew Casper and Richard Jewell. The NOTORIOUS disc will also contain the American Film Institute Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.

Richard Schickel does the commentary for REBECCA (Leonard J. Leff was on the Criterion release), and SPELLBOUND has a commentary by Thomas Schatz and Charles Ramirez Berg (Marian Keane did the honors for Criterion). LIFEBOAT retains the Drew Casper commentary from its previous release. Casper holds the Alfred & Alma Hitchcock Chair at USC.

The other titles in the set are THE PARADINE CASE (starring Gregory Peck), SABOTAGE, THE LODGER, and YOUNG AND INNOCENT. All have commentaries and many other extras.

REBECCA, NOTORIOUS, and SPELLBOUND will be released as single titles as well as in the boxed set.


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