Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alan Colmes Goes Completely Over the Edge

Is it just me, or has Alan Colmes grown particularly insufferable in recent months? He reflexively parrots the liberal line in all cases, no matter how silly it may be.

Tonight, though, he's gone round the bend. He devoted an entire blog post to whether or not Governor Palin and her doctor exercised proper medical judgment regarding the Governor's travel when the Governor was in early labor last April.

Funny, Alan wants to leave abortion to a woman and her doctor, but he wants the entire world to judge Palin's labor plan.

I sense a certain desperation here...which makes me all the more optimistic about the chances for the success of the Republican ticket this fall.

Update: Hugh Hewitt late tonight: "Scan the lefty blogs and you will see furious, even unhinged, attacks on Governor Palin. Which has to mean that the Obamians are unsettled..."


Sunday Update: NewsBusters reports that Colmes has removed his post. I likewise found an error message when clicking on the link (found at the title of my post).

As NewsBusters notes, there is no apology from Colmes on his site. I hope Sean Hannity will take him to task for this. A special edition of HANNITY AND COLMES airs Sunday evening.

More from WizBang.

Update: I wrote Sean Hannity today (, and I encourage my readers to do the same.

I wrote, in part:

"I hope that you will publicly take Alan to task for his appalling blog post Saturday night questioning whether Governor Palin took proper medical care of her unborn child earlier this year...

"I see that as of today Alan has removed the post, but he has not apologized -- just the opposite, he removed it because of 'vile comments made by a plethora of conservatives.' He goes on to question a private medical judgment made by Governor Palin, in consultation with her doctor, and equates it -- among other things -- with criticism of political statements made by Mrs. Obama on the campaign trail.

"Alan is deeply wrong, and it really can't be allowed to stand unchallenged.

"All I can say is, the Democrats must be really desperate..."


Blogger Dana said...

I'm not a fan of either Hannity or Colmes but Colmes really stepped in it this time. How does one spout off about the rights of women to abort their babies and then judge a woman regarding her supposed lack of care toward her baby? This speaks volumes about his inconsistencies and lack of logic. Typical of pro-abortion crowd. At some point in time, the irrationality of their choice makes itself known.

3:57 PM  
Blogger jau said...

I completely agree that Colmes went WAY too far and should apologize. I hope your note to him had an effect. I will write him, too. His own usual logic would make what he says senseless, it seems to me.

Also, if the idea is to encourage people to have and exercise control over themselves in various ways, surely one of those choices must be TO have babies, not merely NOT to have them. I am reminded of when Gloria Steinem pointed out that women's liberation was mischaracterized as urging all women to go to work outside the home, whereas in fact the point was that women should exercise individual personal choices and that those choices might be very different for one woman than another, as the words "individual" and "personal" suggest.

One more thing. If dialogue is going to have a chance, it's crucial to recognize that "pro choice" is not the same as "pro abortion." In discussions with acquaintances and friends, it's always seemed apparent to me that most pro-choice people believe abortion should be legal but don't even remotely advocate it.

9:04 PM  
Blogger A Dusty Frame said...

Colmes has always been really hard for me to handle.

I love listening to people of all viewpoints, but he's just plain annoying and unoriginal.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Colmes has left an apology (using the term loosely)... you be the judge,

"The post about Sarah Palin’s pre-natal care was taken down because of the vile comments made by a pletehora of conservatives who decided to invade the site and show us just how decent and value-driven some of them are. Nothing like epithet-hurling if you want to make your point, or if you have strong objections to what someone says or does. Furthermore, I in no way mean to suggest that her child’s Down Syndrome was in any way related to decisions she made. In fact I never mentioned Down Syndrome in the post. However, I apologize that my post was not more clear on that point. That is my fault, and I’ll take responsibility for not being more clear on that point."

7:28 PM  

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