Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Is the End of Unlimited Internet Near?"

The desire of Internet service providers to push us back to the bad old timed days of services like Prodigy is depressing, especially if you're someone who's been online long enough to remember those bad old days of the early '90s.

Anyone else remember being charged for each email sent?!

Hopefully there will be a lot of consumer pushback against this, or perhaps there will be attractive alternatives to the big providers.

Previously: Time Warner Tests Metering Internet Use.


Blogger Kori and Ken Pellman said...

Notice with ISPs are doing this. They also happen to be cable television providers. The real reason they are limiting use is that we're getting to the point now where you can do all of your home viewing of movies, television shows, etc. through the Internet. The cable companies do not believe they can survive if people drop their television service and get all of their entertainment through the Internet.

It would be like if the phone companies made cell phone usage so expensive that you'd keep your land lines.

This is one reason that in our recent move, we stayed with our ISP instead of switching to our cable company for Internet access. (And, we dropped our land line phone and will just be sticking with our mobile.)

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