Monday, September 01, 2008

Turner Classic Movies: Kay Francis Month

September is a very exciting month at Turner Classic Movies, as the station is spotlighting actress Kay Francis as its Star of the Month.

TCM will be showing a whopping 42 Kay Francis films, more than they have shown for any other Star of the Month.

Films being shown this month which have been reviewed here in the past include the must-see classic TROUBLE IN PARADISE (September 11), as well as MAN WANTED (September 4), THE FEMININE TOUCH (September 11th), IN NAME ONLY (September 18), and STRANDED (September 25).

The festival will spotlight a large number of pre-Code films, many costarring actors such as William Powell and George Brent. I'm particularly looking forward to ONE WAY PASSAGE, JEWEL ROBBERY, LIVING ON VELVET, DOCTOR MONICA, and MANDALAY.

My DVR is going to be running on overtime this month, and I'll then be saving the movies on video, as a majority of the titles are not available for purchase on VHS or DVD. Of course, I'll be sharing my thoughts here as I watch the movies in the months to come!

More thoughts on the festival and its highlights have been posted at Self-Styled Siren.

Update: MoiraFinnie interviews Kay Francis biographer Scott O'Brien at TCM's blog. I recently purchased O'Brien's book and although I haven't had time yet to read all of it, what I've read has been very interesting. O'Brien had access to Francis's diaries, which were a remarkable resource.

O'Brien also lists his Top 10 Francis films to watch for in September


Blogger jau said...

I am an unabashed Kay Francis fan and I have to thank TCM for showing her films all along, but especially this amazing month's 42. Like yours, my dvr will be hyper-working. It would be a wonderful treat if TCM put together a collection of her films.

At the end of the month, let's list our top 5 favorites and compare our lists!

Happy viewing --

6:45 AM  

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