Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brit Hume Readies for Semi-Retirement

Brit Hume, anchor of my favorite TV program, SPECIAL REPORT WITH BRIT HUME, is preparing to retire from the show after the election.

Brit will continue to occasionally appear as a commentator on the network.

Discussing the reasons for his retirement, Brit says, "Family is a big piece of it. And Christ is a big piece of it. And golf is a big piece of it."

Brit, who says he became a more committed Christian after his son Sandy's death a decade ago, intends to spend more time studying the Bible.

More on Brit's upcoming departure from Politico.

I'll miss Brit very much, but wish him a long and happy retirement -- and I also hope he'll turn up to share his insights on Fox with regularity!

Update: More Articles Saluting Brit Hume.


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