Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Interview with Joe the Plumber

This is a very interesting interview with the man who just might have changed the course of the election.

Joe Wurzelbacher is a very articulate, intelligent man who is also comfortable saying what he doesn't know. He clearly expresses why Senator Obama's Socialist plan to "spread the wealth around" is bad for the economy and un-American to boot.

My favorite line though, was this: "My American Dream was to have a house, a dog, a couple rifles, a bass boat...making a good living and being able to provide for my family, college for my son."

Sounds like a great American to me.

Update: Ed Morrissey on how the left and the media have done their utmost to destroy Joe and his life today:

"We have people crawling over his tax records, his voter registration, his professional licensing, and whatever else they can find in the public record. Someone has linked him to the long-deceased Charles Keating, suggesting that somehow Obama managed to pick a McCain plant out of a ropeline full of people by accident. How much longer before a certain blogger at The Atlantic demands a paternity test to see if Joe the Plumber fathered Sarah Palin’s baby — or Bristol’s, for that matter?

"There is a stench of desperation surrounding this, as if they sense defeat coming from a moment of honesty from Obama about his real intentions to institute a regime of redistribution. They want to discredit the man who only asked the question as if he’s some political operative who magically forced Obama to sound … well, a little like a Marxist. Why? They want to distract people from Obama’s answer by sliming the man Obama picked at random to ask a question."


"The...Media seems to feel that they have a duty to expose every last part of Wurzelbacher’s life, but that asking Obama to explain his political partnerships with Tony Rezko and William Ayers, and his long friendship and financial support of rabid demagogues Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger, are not just out of bounds but downright racist."

Update: Michelle Malkin: "The Left Declares War on Joe the Plumber."

The media has put more effort into the investigating of Joe the Plumber in the last couple days than they've bothered to do on Senator Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and William Ayers in the last couple's yet one more illustration of the campaign by Obama and his media enablers to squelch dissent.


Blogger Barb the Evil Genius said...

The media has way too much power in this country, and it's scary to think that these tactics might be used against all of us after the election.

7:40 AM  

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