Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Day

Regardless of one's feelings about the election and today's Inauguration ceremony, what goes on "behind the scenes" to smoothly move one family out and another family into the White House is always fascinating.

Another article I found of interest today focused on Inauguration Day as seen through the eyes of Presidential children.

Along with our country's celebration of yet another peaceful transition of power comes depressing news, at least for those of us who believe in the right of unborn children to live: within five minutes of the new President being sworn in, the White House website also made a transition from being pro-life to pro-abortion. Sigh.

Between Election Day and Inauguration Day, for the most part I've been acting under the old saw "If you can't say something nice..." and focusing elsewhere. But I'll never be able to understand how a couple like the Obamas, who seem to be devoted parents, can look at their beautiful little girls and then turn around and also devote themselves to denying other children life.


Blogger Donna said...

It's so hard to say nothing...can't help but to wonder if we conservatives shouldn't speak out more?! They do! ..It's been hard to watch so many wish him well, etc. Success for him is more deaths to the unborn and more 'special rights' to those who have equal rights as Americans already!

Lover of talk radio here too!
If you love Rush, you'd probably like Michael Savage too. He's great!


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