Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rolling My Eyes

I have cut back somewhat on my political commentary, as there are so many negative things I could post on a daily basis that it becomes overwhelming. At this particular point, I'd rather focus mainly on positives.

For now, suffice it to say that the President's speech last night just caused me to shake my head and roll my eyes, over and over. (Speaking of shaking heads, someone needs to work with the President on his irritating affectation of swinging his head back and forth from teleprompter to teleprompter, never facing forward. He looks like he's watching a slow-moving tennis match.)

He somehow seems to think he can promise everything and charge the majority of the American public nothing. We all know this is an impossibility. The rhetoric about spending responsibly leaves one speechless after Congress and the President just agreed to the most irresponsibly massive financial boondoggle in our nation's history.

And then he reassures us that V.P. Biden will be watching the spending and "No one messes with Joe"? That would be the same Joe who went on TV today not knowing the "website number" of

In the words of Power Line's Scott Johnson, Obama's "day of reckoning awaits."


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