Sunday, February 08, 2009

Steyn on Sunday: Obama at Sea

I have a whole slew of links I could share on our new President, but rather like Barb, I'd almost rather hide from what's going on in Washington these days, so I'll just share a few links and thoughts this evening on a topic I have mostly avoided in recent weeks.

It feels in so many ways as though our nation has slid completely out of control in a matter of weeks. I shake my head that the same Democrats who constantly screamed about President Bush's perceived faults have confirmed a tax cheat to be the head of the Internal Revenue Service. I watch as the Obama White House appears to be ready to place control of the Census directly under the White House and Rahm Emanuel (what do you want to bet ACORN will be doing the census taking?). I note the media's silence as the new President seems to ignore a disaster in Kentucky. I have been following the trillion-dollar pork bill Congress is proposing in a state of disbelief. That's all compounded by what's going on here in California, where the governor wants to hike taxes, as well as impose new taxes on everything from vet bills to Disneyland tickets to Dodger games.

Having watched Mr. Obama since Inauguration Day, I feel that my pre-election fears that he does not have the executive experience or the intellectual and emotional capacity to handle the Presidency are being borne out. He seems to be in way over his head; if he's become stressed out in just two weeks, over a bill he should be able to pass, how will he react when a real challenge arises? I'm particularly exasperated by the way he seems intent on driving our economy completely into the tank by threatening "catastrophe" every other day. I'm old enough to have watched Jimmy Carter's "malaise" speech as a teenager, and those unhappy days seem to be here again.

Ronald Reagan, where are you?

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot I can do about the current political or economic situation other than complain, so it seems much more pleasant at this juncture to focus on movies and other enjoyable pursuits and hope that if I ignore what's happening in D.C., it will miraculously all go away...however, the reality is that it won't and we're all going to have to face the music at some point, starting with opening up our checkbooks.


Blogger Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm worried about the same things you are, as well as this country becoming so mired into socialism it will be almost impossible to get back out. The thing is, I'm trying not to worry merely because I can't do a thing about it, at this point. Why on earth have we elected the people we've elected? I feel that too much of the populace is willfully ignorant, and the politicians selfish and power-seeking.

The best I can do is look out for my family, and pray.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Exactly. I send emails to my Senators, but they won't listen to me, LOL (Feinstein and Boxer), and my Rep. is a terrific conservative (Royce). Likewise I've thought of making a phone call but would my senators care? They don't seem to care right now what the polls say the public thinks of the pork bill, they seem determined to pass it anyway.

I think our nation is approaching the point where there are so many people who can vote themselves goodies that belong to other people -- this is a problem in CA -- we may get to a point where it can't be turned back, at least without some sort of revolution...

So many in Congress are just fools out for their own power (via spending money on things that will keep them in power). We really need to start all over.

Best wishes,

10:40 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

P.S. Rush Limbaugh says sources tell him the phone calls to D.C. are hundreds to one against the pork bill, but the media aren't reporting it...

It's almost as though conservatives are outnumbered two to one because the media are complicit with the Democratic Party. They will only report what helps the liberals (i.e., just think how they could spin Mr. Obama's response, or lack thereof, to the problems in Kentucky if it were a conservative...).

Best wishes,

10:51 AM  

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