Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Cookies Update

I've been wondering when we can expect to see Mother's Cookies in stores again...Mother's, a West Coast institution for nearly a century, went bankrupt last fall but then Kellogg's bought the recipes and logo.

I did some Googling today and found a report at Serious Eats (click title of this post) indicating that Kellogg's plans to reintroduce Mother's Cookies to West Coast stores by June 2009.

A list of the cookies we can expect is at Serious Eats; it includes Mother's Circus Animals and Double Fudge cookies.


Now if only we could get Kellogg's to make Flaky Flix, which had a brief comeback last year before Mother's went out of business.

May 4th Update: I received an email from Kellogg's today saying that Mother's Cookies are back in stores starting today.


Blogger David K. said...

Glad you're back! FYI - Picked up some English Tea today. YUMMMM!

1:02 PM  

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