Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Book: Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress

Last year I read IN AN INSTANT: A JOURNEY OF LOVE AND HEALING by Lee and Bob Woodruff.

Bob Woodruff, of course, is the ABC anchorman who was critically injured when an IED exploded while he was on assignment in Iraq. IN AN INSTANT recounts Mr. Woodruff's long road back from a traumatic brain injury.

It's no secret that I'm generally not an admirer of network newscasts, but I found the Woodruffs' personal story gripping and inspiring. It was a very worthwhile book.

The Woodruffs have had to meet other challenges in their lives, such as discovering one of their four daughters had profound hearing loss.

Lee Woodruff has written a new memoir, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, which was released last week. (Click title of this post for the link.) It's a collection of essays about family life.

You can read more about her new book here.

Based on the strength of her previous book, I believe this book will be worth reading too.


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