Monday, April 27, 2009

New Books: Best Grilling Recipes and Cooking for Two

The publishers behind Cook's Illustrated, America's Test Kitchen, and Cook's Country have two new cookbooks out for spring.

May 1st is the official release date for Cook's Country's BEST GRILLING RECIPES: MORE THAN 100 REGIONAL FAVORITES TESTED AND PERFECTED FOR THE OUTDOOR COOK. (Click the title of this post for a link.) It's already available via Amazon.

I have Cook's Illustrated's 2000 volume THE BEST RECIPE: GRILLING AND BARBECUE. I'll have to compare titles and see if the new book would be a worthwhile purchase.

The title of COOKING FOR TWO: 2009, from America's Test Kitchen, suggests that there will be future volumes; and indeed, a video on the Amazon page says that this is definitely a new annual series.

Although at this stage of my life I'm more likely to cook for a crowd than for two, my experience is that you can never go wrong with recipes from the publishing group -- so if this book fits your situation I recommend looking it over.

I don't believe I've ever had a problem with any of the many recipes I've made from the Cook's Illustrated, America's Test Kitchen, or Cook's Country books.


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