Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming to DVD: Wagon Master (1950)

Great news found in a discussion thread at the Turner Classic Movies forum: one of my very favorite John Ford films, WAGON MASTER (1950), comes to DVD on September 15th.

The DVD will include a commentary by Peter Bogdanovich and star Harry Carey Jr.

This is a welcome release from Warner, as their retail releases of classic films have pretty much come to a halt since the announcement of the Warner Archive DVD-on-demand program a couple months ago. (More on that later...)

WAGON MASTER is a marvelous film in which Ford promoted his perennial stock company players Carey and Ben Johnson into leading roles as guides of a Mormon wagon train.

The movie also features Ward Bond, Joanne Dru, a wonderful score sung by the Sons of the Pioneers, and great Utah locations. It's "must viewing" for fans of classic films in general, and Westerns in particular.

July 2019 Update: WAGON MASTER will be released on Blu-ray by the Warner Archive in August 2019.


Blogger Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Though I already own a copy of this (I purchased a Region 2 disc manufactured in France) I'm stoked to hear this will finally be made available in Region 1. It is an extremely underrated movie, and demonstrates that Ford didn't need the Duke to make a first-rate oater.

12:17 PM  

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