Friday, May 29, 2009

Pixar Does It Again: Up Opens Today

It's deja vu...once again, Pixar appears to have a four-star hit on its hands with its latest release, UP.

The voice stars include Ed Asner and Christopher Plummer...and yes, Pixar's "good luck charm," John Ratzenberger, has a role as a construction foreman.

USA Today's 4-star review (click title of post) headlines: "Soars with delight...great visuals."

"The company...maintains its standard of excellence. UP will elicit a giddy joy among audience members with its gorgeous visuals and glossy 3-D animation. But the film's exquisite emotional depth puts it in a category of its own... Easily the summer's, and probably the year's, most enchanting movie, UP is a buoyant delight."

The New York Daily News: "Will enchant viewers of all ages." "Every detail...has been tended to by a Pixar perfectionist."

And the Los Angeles Times: "It's not only good, it's one of Pixar's best. Some films are an obligation to write about, UP is the purest pleasure... Rarely has any film, let alone an animated one powered by the logic of dream and fantasy, been able to move so successfully -- and so effortlessly -- through so many different kinds of cinematic territory."

And so the unbroken chain of animated Pixar classics continues...

Saturday Update: Leonard Maltin weighs in, saying the film is "an amazing achievement... I can’t remember the last time I saw an animated feature that even attempted to touch on so many emotions. This one swings for the fences—and connects."


Blogger Missy said...

After several years of very few good movies, this year has several I'm looking forward to. UP is one of them. I told my nephew, a Boy Scout, to take my father, Carl, to see UP. Of course my father is not a curmudgeon like Carl in the movie, nor has he tied hundreds of balloons to his house, but I think they'd like it.


10:11 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

MousePlanet and MiceAge also have excellent reviews.

Jennifer and I went to see it in Digital 3D late this afternoon. It lived up to all of the praise. I just loved it. It has a story (which Pixar is the best at), it is funny (one scene, the audience laughed so hard you could not hear the dialogue), it has adventure and action, but most of all it has heart. Bring some tissue.

I'll be going back to see it and it will be part of my DVD library.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your review with us, Irene!

I always think I'm not going to be interested in the subject matter of the latest Pixar movie, but they always manage to pull it off, whether it's about a cooking rat or talking cars or a lonely robot or...

My husband bought some discount movie tickets at work today so he can take the kids sometime in the next few days. I haven't decided if I'll see it in the theater or wait for our family tradition of watching the latest Pixar DVD on Thanksgiving (grin). The 3D aspect is interesting.

I'll head over to the Disney sites you mentioned to look up their reviews. Thanks for the tip!

Saw the teaser trailer for TOY STORY 3 online earlier today...very nice! Will probably link to it this weekend.

Best wishes,

11:23 PM  
Blogger Irene said...

They showed the teaser for Toy Story 3 in the theater and there was a general sound of excitement about it, especially among the kids.

When I first saw the trailer for UP some time ago, I was like ho hum. How could they possibly make a movie about an old man and have it appeal to everyone? And a house floating up because it's attached to balloons? Boy, was I wrong :)

7:27 AM  

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