Friday, July 24, 2009

Today at Disneyland: Magical

We were all glad when another busy week drew to a close today. As soon as our daughter got home from her long internship commute, we headed out to Disneyland for our first look at the new Magical fireworks show.

These summery flowers have replaced the red, white and blue striped flowers which were at Town Square in the days surrounding Independence Day:

We grabbed dinner at the Bengal Barbecue and then staked out a prime viewing spot in front of the castle. Although there's a wait of a couple hours for the show, it's a relaxing way for a family to spend a beautiful summer evening.

Magical begins...

You can just make out Dumbo flying under the fireworks (click to enlarge). It was pretty impressive. I was surprised, though, that the entire scene was to "Baby of Mine" and not "When I See An Elephant Fly."

You can see a clip of Dumbo flying on YouTube.

I've always believed that when I was very young I saw Mary Poppins fly at the start of a fireworks show in the '60s, along with Tinkerbell, but I haven't researched it to find out if it was reality -- it might have been a cardboard cutout -- or something I dreamed...

We enjoyed the show very much. I doubt any fireworks show could ever match the innovative and nostalgic Remember show created for the 50th Anniversary, but this was an excellent fireworks show.

I particularly liked the tribute to MARY POPPINS, which included kites and carousel horses superimposed on the castle and the effective use of "Chim Chim Cheree" and the "blue" and "pink" color battle from SLEEPING BEAUTY. I was happy to hear music included from ENCHANTED, but wished it were a longer part of the show.

This YouTube video has the opening, Dumbo sequence, and finale.

As we did after the Independence Day fireworks show, we then went over to enjoy the Pixie Hollow light and water show while the crowds dispersed.

Pixie Hollow is, well...Magical!


Blogger Irene said...

Neat - blog Trip Report from you :)

August 17th (I'm unblocked on the 16th) can't come soon enough for me. Big sigh.

I'm glad you liked the fireworks. I agree with what you said. I LOVED Remember but I think this is a great show. I don't ever remember a Mary Poppins flying but I could be wrong.

Pixie Hallow is a wonderful spot to wait while the crowds thin out and I think they did a wonderful job with this light show.

7:58 AM  

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