Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick Preview of TCM in June

Turner Classic Movies released their June schedule online today. 

The June Star of the Month will be the beautiful Natalie Wood.

TCM will be showing over two dozen of Natalie's movies, although it doesn't appear at first glance that they'll be showing a title I'd really like to see, THE BRIDE WORE BOOTS (1946) with Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Cummings.  It's a Paramount title and Paramount films are shown relatively rarely on TCM, though the numbers have increased this year.

The June title I'm most excited about is a Robert Montgomery film, THE MYSTERY OF MR. X (1934), which I've been wanting to see for some time. It airs on Saturday, June 12th.

As always, I'll have more details as June approaches. And over the next day or two we'll start to take a look at TCM in April -- Robert Taylor Month!

June Update: Here are complete details on Natalie Wood as Star of the Month.


Blogger monty said...

I am so there for Natalie Wood come this June. Awesome.

3:09 AM  
Blogger panavia999 said...

Maybe I'm alone on this one but there is an little seen film on during Natalie Wood month: The Green Promise (1949)
With Marguerite Chapman, Walter Brennan, Robert Paige.
Mon, Jun 7 2010 10:00 PM EDT
It's essentially a propaganda film about the 4-H and county Ag Extensions. However, the story is quite intriguing. A widowed farmer (Brennan in one of his unsavory performances) moves with his three daughters and his son to a new farm in a new area. The county ag man offers help and tips about crops and techniques, but the farmer is too stubborn to adapt. He rules his children in a sneaky and manipulative way. The eldest daughter works hard to make the farm a success and protect her younger siblings. The youngest daughter (Wood) wants to raise lambs with the 4-H. While a story of this type would often focus on the son of the family, this story is all about the two daughters' efforts to succeed despite family oppostion. I really liked it, but maybe it's because I'm a farm girl - though never was a 4-H member!

11:49 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Panavia999, my dad watched a recording I made of THE GREEN PROMISE just a few days ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. I haven't yet watched it and am looking forward to it! Thanks for your description and alerting people to this film.

Should be a great month. Glad you're looking forward to it, Monty!

Best wishes,

12:00 PM  
Blogger M.E. said...

Watching "The Green Promise" right now on TCM. I'd love to know how this film got made... it seems to be so clearly 4H and farm bureau propaganda! But I love it.

7:54 AM  

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