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Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...The Siren muses on BALL OF FIRE (1941). My daughters really enjoyed that one last week. I'm hoping to see it for the first time this coming year...

...Lou Lumenick of the New York Post assesses the state of the DVD business as we head into 2011. He also recently shared reviews of new classic film DVDs here and here.

...I got a kick out of the post on John Wayne's BIG JIM MCLAIN (1952) at Greenbriar Picture Shows. The film is a bit dorky, but I really enjoyed it for the reasons cited by John McElwee. As always, the post is accompanied by terrific photos and poster art.

...Jacqueline reviewed Frank Capra's HERE COMES THE GROOM (1951), starring Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman, at Another Old Movie Blog. There's also a nice discussion in the comments. I particularly liked Franchot Tone and Alexis Smith in this film; my 2008 review is here.

...I used to really enjoy Mike Clark's DVD reviews in USA Today. He's now at Home Media Magazine; here's his positive review of the Warner Archive release of SUSAN SLEPT HERE (1954). The movie was also reviewed by Nathan Rabin at A.V. Club.

...Glenn Erickson reviewed another Warner Archive release, MOONFLEET (1955), at DVD Savant. MOONFLEET stars Stewart Granger and George Sanders; it was directed by Fritz Lang.

...And here's Erickson's review of the Mervyn LeRoy pre-Code HEAT LIGHTNING (1934), which has a great cast including Ann Dvorak, Aline MacMahon, Preston Foster, Lyle Talbot, Glenda Farrell, and Frank McHugh.

...At Screen Savers John DiLeo reviews the recent DVD release of NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955). The consensus seems to be this was one of the finest DVD releases of 2010.

...John Greco writes about DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954) at Twenty Four Frames. Incidentally, there's a double bill of DIAL M FOR MURDER and REAR WINDOW (1954) on Friday evening, January 14th, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

...Moira Finnie has a great essay on knitting and the movies at the TCM Movie Morlocks blog. Knitting is a skill I've never learned...

...At Dear Old Hollywood, Robby tried out the Chasen's chili recipe. Looks great!

...This story about the man who founded IMDb is quite interesting. IMDb is right up there with Google as one of the most important and useful websites ever created.

...A Shroud of Thoughts celebrates the 50th anniversary of THE AVENGERS. As a teen I saw all the Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson episodes, as well as a number of episodes of THE NEW AVENGERS.

...The highly regarded film THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2009) comes to DVD this Tuesday, January 11th.

...India Hicks looks back at the experience of being a bridesmaid for Diana, Princess of Wales, nearly three decades ago.

...Time for another terrific batch of Film Noir posters at Where Danger Lives, this week focusing on numbers 41-50. For me it's hard to beat the beautiful colors of the poster for MURDER, MY SWEET (1944).

...DVD Beaver lists the best DVD and Blu-ray releases of 2010.

...Fans of the book or film versions of THE PRESIDENT'S LADY (1953) may be interested in a brand-new book on Rachel and Andrew Jackson, A BEING SO GENTLE: THE FRONTIER LOVE STORY OF RACHEL AND ANDREW JACKSON. The author is Patricia Brady. The book has beautiful cover art.

...I feel the interest of some in blaming yesterday's ghastly tragedy in Tucson on "political discourse" or a particular political philosophy is disturbingly premature, potentially dangerous to free political speech, and often hypocritical. Here's commentary along those lines from Ed Morrissey, Byron York, Legal Insurrection, Right Angles, and Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds. I don't believe the shooting of a Congressional Representative and other fellow citizens by an obviously highly disturbed person should be used as a divisive wedge; I hope instead the focus can be on prayer and assistance for all those affected by the shooting. We can strongly disagree on politics yet still remain united as Americans. (Monday Update: Here's more on this topic from Steve Hayes and Ed Morrissey.)

...Happy news in Denmark: Crown Princess Mary gave birth to twins Saturday, a boy and a girl. The names are not expected to be announced until the christening. The twins join older brother Christian and sister Isabella.

Have a great week!


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Thanks for the nod. I especially liked your essay's note: "One wonders at the end just which woman got the better deal." A lot of Franchot Tone fans seem to agree.

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