Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joan Leslie!

Charming Joan Leslie turns 86 today.

I posted a birthday tribute a year ago which discusses her career, her appearances in DVD extras, and also links to my reviews of some of her films.

This year I'd like to celebrate her birthday by pointing readers in the direction of a very nice tribute at Screen Snapshots, as well as an interview transcribed at Classic Images.

Also, any Leslie fans who missed last weekend's roundup will want to check out this Leslie interview which I originally discovered via 50 Westerns From the 50s.

Wishing one of classic Hollywood's loveliest, nicest movie stars a very happy birthday!


Blogger Raquel Stecher said...

I've really grown to love Joan Leslie, especially after watching her in Hollywood Canteen. Happy Birthday Joan!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Glad to know you enjoy her! I love watching her speak in documentaries -- she's so articulate and has such wonderful memories of her experiences working with many Hollywood greats, and she also seems very grounded and "real."

Best wishes,

11:04 AM  
Blogger Bill Iles said...

I recall seeing Joan at my local Cinema in Sheffield, England, the film "Holywood Canteen"was during the war years. She came over as a sincere, charming and talented actress, not to mention those teriffic good looks.

Have a very nice day Joan - I Wish You A Very Happy Birthday, in our age group its nice to pass on this greeting to a very nice person.


3:09 AM  

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