Friday, May 18, 2012

Today at Disney's California Adventure: One Month to Go!

There's less than a month to go until the debut of the new and greatly improved California Adventure!

The park has been re-Imagineered in stages, including the opening of the World of Color show and Silly Symphony Swings in 2010 and the Little Mermaid ride, Goofy's Sky School, and new restaurants in 2011.

This summer is the most exciting of all, with the debuts of Cars Land and Buena Vista Sreet, not to mention the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

The Carthay Circle Theatre now towers above the construction walls on Buena Vista Street:

And here's a glimpse down the main drag of Cars Land, photographed from the patio of the Blue Sky Cellar:

For over three years the Blue Sky Cellar has kept guests apprised of the latest construction developments.

The final set of displays is on Cars Land:

Check out this video for an idea of how amazing Cars Land will look at night with the neon signs all lit up.

Also coming soon:

During our trip this evening we also visited the rehabbed Little Mermaid ride and approved of the fix of Ariel's hair in the "Under the Sea" scene; she no longer looks like a giant ice cream cone!

For more glimpses of DCA under construction, please visit MiceChat.

The down side to all the exciting new additions is that Disney announced massive price hikes today which take effect Sunday. I can't remember annual passes ever going up so much at once.

I'll be posting photos from Disneyland later this weekend, including photos of the new Alice Davis tribute window on Main Street.

Update: The Disneyland photos have now been posted!


Blogger Irene said...

I am excited about the new Buena Vista Street and Carsland but fear the crowds are going to be overwhelming this Summer.
I was extremely disappointed in the price increase! I expected an increase of the usual $20 to $30 but not $160! I cannot in all good conscience spend that much money on the premium pass. Looks like come November I will drop to the lowest level and then the following year reevaluate. I recently purchased a Senior Platinum Pass at Knotts for $97. Includes parking, 20% discount on some things and no block out dates. Also learned that one of my favorite groups over at DCA, The Miner 49ers who were let go by Disney, have signed a contract with Knotts and will be playing there 5 days a week. An official announcement has not been made nor has a schedule for them been released. As you probably follow on MiceAge, good things are beginning to happen at Knotts.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Irene!

I was thinking that the price increase might be a little more than usual because of all the new things, but I was thinking $40-50, not $90-$160! Gulp.

Thanks for sharing the latest news from Knott's! Glad you can still see the Miner 49ers. Assume they're playing Ghost Town?

If you didn't see it in my last Disney roundup, I really appreciated the video you sent of the show at DLParis!!

Best wishes,

9:10 AM  
Blogger DKoren said...

And we were just thinking about getting annual passes for the family... my sister will be crushed when she hears of this price increase. I think that effectively pushes it out of our budget. Just the day prices have gone up so much too! What a shame it costs so much. And Cars Land looks like it's going to be very very cool too. Sigh. I guess I'm glad we just went a couple weekends ago, before the new prices.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Deb, I'm going to update the wording of my post -- while the hikes were announced Friday, they take effect Sunday. So if you act today you can still get the old prices.

Best wishes,

10:35 AM  
Blogger DKoren said...

Ah! I was just trying to find a date on when they went active. Thanks. I'll let my sister now Right Now!! :-D At least we can get a year in at the old prices. Thank you! Then maybe we could join you guys there one day.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Great!!! Would love to meet you out there. There's a lot of great new stuff to enjoy in the coming year.

Best wishes,

11:00 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

Thanks to MousePlanet today I found a way to get my Premium AP for another year - grocery stores! They still have AP's and Park Hoppers at the old price but you have until Dec. 31 to activate it. So I will let my pass expire on Nov. 15 then go to the Park after that and activate this new one I got today at Ralphs. Good to go for at least another year :)
And yes I did see your thanks for the link to the video :))

4:13 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Irene, that's fantastic you found a way to extend your pass for the next year! I really feel sticker shock over it, especially compared to the price just a couple of years ago. I think the time is coming, sooner rather than later, when a Premium past costs $1000.

Glad you saw my thanks! I fell way behind on correspondence in May, due to spending so much of my free time driving to see movies in L.A. (grin), and wanted to be sure you knew I enjoyed it and was glad you sent it!!

Best wishes,

9:43 AM  

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