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Fox Movie Channel in June: Highlights

Movies from the classic film era are in fairly short supply on this month's Fox Movie Channel schedule.

There are only seven pre-1960 titles being shown in the entire first ten days of the month, rather than several older films being shown each day, so this month there's a relatively short list of titles to choose from.  

That said, there are a few movies worth pointing out for anyone who's not had the chance to catch them yet:

...I really enjoyed CRASH DIVE (1943), showing on June 4th. This film mixing romance and submarine action stars Tyrone Power, Dana Andrews, and Anne Baxter.

...Ingrid Bergman stars in THE INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS (1958) on June 8th.

...On June 12th Richard Burton plays Edwin Booth in PRINCE OF PLAYERS (1955), costarring Maggie MacNamara and Raymond Massey, with John Derek as John Wilkes Booth.

...I just bought WING AND A PRAYER (1944) on DVD. It stars two favorites, Dana Andrews and Don Ameche, in a WWII aircraft carrier story. It will be shown on June 14th.

...Also on the 14th, Robert Mitchum and Robert Wagner star in THE HUNTERS (1958), directed by Dick Powell.

...Perhaps the most interesting title to me this month is FOLLOW THE SUN (1951), a biography of golfer Ben Hogan starring Glenn Ford, with Anne Baxter as his wife. It's on June 15th.

...WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER? (1957) airs June 17th. The cast includes Tony Randall, Jayne Mansfield, Betsy Drake, Joan Blondell, and John Williams.

...Actress Gail Russell's last film, THE SILENT CALL (1961), returns to the schedule on June 19th.

...Mitzi Gaynor plays frontier entertainer Lotta Crabtree in GOLDEN GIRL (1951), costarring Dale Robertson and Dennis Day. It will be shown June 21st.

...PHONE CALL FROM A STRANGER (1952), about an airplane crash and its aftermath, airs on June 22nd. It stars Gary Merrill, Shelley Winters, Bette Davis, and Michael Rennie.

...The comedy WE'RE NOT MARRIED (1952) shows on June 24th, starring Ginger Rogers, Fred Allen, Marilyn Monroe, Mitzi Gaynor, Paul Douglas, and Eve Arden.

...The month closes out with Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones in A FAREWELL TO ARMS (1957) on June 30th.

There are some other older films being shown, particularly in the middle of the month, which have been highlighted here in recent months. Please visit the Fox schedule for complete details.


Blogger Rick said...

Probably should mention THE EYES OF ANNIE JONES which shows up on FMC in the early hours of Tuesday June 5. According to reputation, it's not much of a movie, but it hasn't been seen anywhere in decades. No video releases in any format, no tv showings, no theatrical revivals. It's about as close as a 1964 film can come to being "lost" without actually disappearing.

Personally, I've wanted to see it since I missed it first-run in 1964. I don't expect it to be good, but it'll be great to finally scratch it off my list.

5:08 PM  
Blogger UGN said...

For those that may not know "Inn of the 6th Happiness" is a fictional account of a real life missionary.

Mrs. UNG

7:35 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much for that recommendation, Rick, I'm unfamiliar with that title. Always great to hear ideas from other film fans. :)

Mrs. UNG, it's fantastic to hear from you! Hope you are all doing well. :) Thanks for adding that info, it's a movie I still need to catch up with.

Best wishes,

7:56 PM  

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