Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Quick Preview of TCM in December

Exciting news for classic film fans this week: Turner Classic Movies has now posted its tentative December schedule.

In addition to the usual Christmas movie goodness, the December Star of the Month is fan favorite Barbara Stanwyck.

Over 50 Stanwyck films will be run on Wednesday evenings and on into each Thursday, in some cases for marathons for close to 24 hours.

Some other random titles of interest to me: a new-to-me movie starring Susan Peters, ASSIGNMENT IN BRITTANY (1943), costarring Jean-Pierre Aumont; CARNIVAL STORY (1954) with Steve Cochran and Anne Baxter; FLIGHT FROM DESTINY (1941) with Geraldine Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Lynn; a Ginger Rogers film I don't know, TWIST OF FATE (1954); and perhaps best of all, a multi-film birthday tribute to Una Merkel...which seems to simultaneously be a tribute to the lovely Madge Evans, with Evans appearing in at least four of the films. Only on TCM!

There are also plenty of Christmas movies, Ernst Lubitsch, "B" Westerns, film noir, and New Year's Eve with Abbott and Costello. A great month ahead!

Until then, the current Star of the Month is Spencer Tracy, and November should be a very interesting month with Constance Bennett as that month's star.

For more on the current month on TCM, please visit TCM in October: Highlights.

Update: For more detailed information on the December schedule, please visit TCM in December: Highlights and TCM in December: Christmas Movies.

December Update: For additional details on Barbara Stanwyck films airing this month, please visit TCM Star of the Month: Barbara Stanwyck.


Blogger Cliff Aliperti said...

Ooh, the Una Merkel/Madge Evans day looks phenomenal!

I've only glanced at December so far but the Lubitsch Friday nights caught my eye too. Especially Dec. 14 with "Trouble in Paradise" and "Design for Living" opening things up, two Paramount films with Miriam Hopkins that I was just moaning about not airing as part of their October 18 Hopkins birthday schedule!

I have a feeling Stanwyck is going to be pretty well received as Star of the Month.

3:20 AM  
Blogger Classic Maiden said...

That is *fantastic* news that they're showing that many Stanwyck films!

(my fave actress, btw, and years ago when I discovered and watched her films and most of the TV work, it always saddened me that there were so many of her films not being shown on TCM. I hope many viewers will be able to discover and enjoy her as a result of the TCM airings. Yay!)

Thank you, Laura, for the heads-up. (as always)


6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great month. Assignment in Brittany is a good book by Helen MacInnes, so I look forward to seeing the movie.

7:46 AM  
Blogger DorianTB said...

Oh, my, Barbara Stanwyck as far as the eye can see! Laura, I'll be dog-earing my TCM NOW PLAYING GUIDE and revving up the TiVo for sure; sounds like a treasure trove of Spectacular Stanny come December! :-) That's my kind of Christmas gift! :-) Thanks for the tip!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Glad I could share this great news with all of you! Lots of treasures ahead -- there are several Stanwyck films not in my collection, I love Lubitsch, and I'm so excited to see ASSIGNMENT IN BRITTANY. I'm making a note about the novel thanks to the note above. I enjoy checking out the original source material for films of that era.

Best wishes,

6:47 PM  

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