Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Criterion DVD Sale at B&N

Today's the day! The annual half-price Criterion Collection summer sale at Barnes & Noble is now underway.

All Criterion DVDs are 50% off. The sale will run through July 29, 2013.

B&N members can take an additional 10% off on purchases made in stores. The discount does not apply online.

I always use the "Pick Me Up" feature on the website and have my order sent to my local store in order to save 60%.

I plan to purchase this year's new release of Fritz Lang's MINISTRY OF FEAR (1944), a movie I love which is just $8.99 if purchased in a store with a B&N membership card. Criterion's cover art is fantastic!

I'm also interested in Stanley Kubrick's THE KILLING (1956), which I saw at the TCM Classic Film Festival; it's packaged with another feature-length film directed by Kubrick, KILLER'S KISS (1955).

A new edition of SAFETY LAST! (1923), which I saw last January, is also available. I'm debating on that one as I'd like to get the previous New Line DVD which includes GIRL SHY (1924). The Criterion release has some new extras, so Lloyd fans who own the New Line release may want to double-dip...

I'm also interested in delving into some Japanese films directed by Yasujiro Ozu.

Happy shopping!

Update: According to the B&N website, the sale has now been extended through August 5, 2013.


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