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Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...I know many of my readers share my fond memories of Frank Capra's Bell Science films such as the classic HEMO THE MAGNIFICENT (1957) starring Richard Carlson and Dr. Frank Baxter of the University of Southern California. I've seen that one countless times and never tire of it. I'm thus looking forward to ordering SONNETS AND SUNSPOTS: "DR. RESEARCH" BAXTER AND THE BELL SCIENCE FILMS by Eric Niderost, published by Bear Manor Media.

...Speaking of Bear Manor, in the next few weeks I'll be reviewing Linda Alexander's new book for Bear Manor, I AM MISTER ED: ALLAN "ROCKY" LANE REVEALED. Linda's previous books include A MAVERICK LIFE: THE JACK KELLY STORY and RELUCTANT WITNESS: ROBERT TAYLOR, HOLLYWOOD, AND COMMUNISM.

...I'd like to invite all my readers to pop over to ClassicFlix to check out my tribute to a favorite actor, "Victor Mature, An Epic Life." The post includes several DVD recommendations.

...Will McKinley recently wrote a very informative article on the Aereo Supreme Court case and how the ruling affects classic film and TV fans. He also explains "Digi-Net" channels such as ThisTV and getTV and how and why they've been growing.

...Susan King has also written on the growth of retro TV channels for the Los Angeles Times. As a huge fan of BEWITCHED for most of my life, I enjoyed hearing that it was "by far the most popular show" on Antenna TV.

...Fantastic late-breaking news today from ClassicFlix: Olive Films has announced the long-awaited release of SOUTH OF ST. LOUIS (1949) on DVD and Blu-ray for September 23rd. It stars Joel McCrea, Zachary Scott, Dorothy Malone, and Alexis Smith. I suspect I'm not alone in thinking that I'd love to have that gorgeous cover art available as a poster! One of the best DVD covers ever.

...I'm pleased to share the news that my recent review of the new Warner Archive release STRANGE LADY IN TOWN (1955) has been adapted and cross-posted at the Movies Unlimited MovieFanFare site. STRANGE LADY IN TOWN stars Greer Garson and Dana Andrews.

...In a sequel to a previous column, the New York Post's Lou Lumenick has shared clips for 70 films not yet available on DVD.

...Just preordered ahead of its September release: Rod Cameron's STATE TROOPER: THE COMPLETE SERIES from Shout! Factory and Timeless Media. Amazon currently has this 11-disc set for a low, low price which I figured had nowhere to go but up, hence my preorder! Guest stars in this three-season series included Craig Stevens, Andrea King, Doug McClure, Faith Domergue, Lee Van Cleef, Leo Gordon, Angie Dickinson, Claude Akins, Jeanne Cooper, Dick Foran, Penny Edwards, Joan Taylor, Catherine McLeod, Ann Doran, Myrna Dell, Constance Towers, Amanda Blake, Paula Raymond, and many, many more faces appreciated by fans of classic-era movies and TV.

...Also coming out this September: Season 3 of L.A. LAW.

...Jerry Entract, a good friend of this blog, has posted his list of favorite underrated detective and mystery films at Rupert Pupkin Speaks. I'm looking forward to checking out his recommendations!

...My dad tipped me off to these beautiful songbird postage stamps currently on sale at the post office. Get yours soon, I understand they're going quickly in some locations!

...Over at Out of the Past, Raquel has interviewed Richard Barrios, the author of DANGEROUS RHYTHM, which I reviewed last month.

...July 1, 2014, was the 80th anniversary of the start of the Production Code and the end of what we now call the "pre-Code" era.

...Actress Diane McBain has written a book, FAMOUS ENOUGH: A HOLLYWOOD MEMOIR. Like a number of other actors, I first knew McBain from a couple episodes of the TV series MAVERICK. She was in the films PARRISH (1961), CLAUDELLE INGLISH (1961), and MARY MARY (1963). CLAUDELLE INGLISH was just released on DVD by the Warner Archive.

...For anyone who may have missed the mention in my post on TCM in July, Cliff has written a very informative biographical post on Richard Dix at Immortal Ephemera. I also enjoyed Cliff's post last week on Chester Morris, a real favorite of mine thanks especially to his BOSTON BLACKIE crime series.

...I love the poster -- seen here to the left -- R. Emmet Sweeney shares for DUST BE MY DESTINY (1939) at TCM's Movie Morlocks site. I reviewed the new Warner Archive DVD of this good John Garfield-Priscilla Lane film in June.

...The New York Times recently published an article on "San Francisco Noir" which includes a talk with Eddie Muller of the Film Noir Foundation.

...Kim of I See a Dark Theater had the wonderful opportunity to interview Marsha Hunt.

...Attention Southern Californians: The new Lucille's BBQ at 2nd and PCH in Long Beach opened last week. It replaces the previous location in Belmont Shore.

...Two L.A. area restaurants founded by the late actor Harry Lewis and his family have recently closed: Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills and the very last Hamburger Hamlet. Lewis passed away last year.

...Notable Passings: I learned of the death of actor Bob Hastings from my pal Ivan of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. Hastings' career included playing Lt. Carpenter on McHALE'S NAVY from 1962 to 1966 and Captain Burt Ramsey on GENERAL HOSPITAL from 1979 to 1986. Hastings was 89 and is survived by his wife of 66 years...French actor Jacques Bergerac has passed on at the age of 87. He had been married to Ginger Rogers and later Dorothy Malone, with whom he had two daughters; his credits included LES GIRLS (1957) and GIGI (1958). His last screen credit was a 1969 appearance on THE DORIS DAY SHOW; he went into business as an executive with Revlon, where his brother was president...Stuntman Terry Richards, who as a swordsman was part of a priceless scene in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981), has passed on at 81...Actor-director Paul Mazursky has passed on at 84. In 1983 I met him at an Academy screening of BLACKBOARD JUNGLE (1955), in which he appeared onscreen...Writer-composer Mary Rodgers, the daughter of Richard Rodgers, has died at 83. She wrote the hit musical ONCE UPON A MATTRESS and also authored the book FREAKY FRIDAY, which has been filmed twice...I have not yet mentioned the death of actor Eli Wallach, who passed away just before I left on my recent vacation. I particularly enjoyed him in THE HOLIDAY (2006).

Have a great week!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Laura.

5:03 PM  
Blogger mel said...

Excellent article on Victor Mature, Laura.

Thank you very much for linking.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Jerry E said...

Many thanks for the mention and kind words, Laura - deeply appreciated.
BTW, I will have more reviews on the Rupert Pupkin Speaks site shortly in their new thread "5 Under-rated Action/Adventure films" as well as my "5 Under-rated westerns" shortly.

Really grateful for the tip about the new bio of Allan Lane. I know he was not popular with his fellow workers and I guess that will be a feature of the book but the results on screen for his films tell another story. I rate the "Rocky" Lane series among the consistently best B-westerns made.

Best wishes,

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about SOUTH OF ST LOUIS.
Great roundup of news from you this week.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much to you all for the comments, and I'm so glad I could link to your writing, Will and Jerry!

Mel, I'm so glad you liked the article on Victor Mature, that makes me very happy as he's someone I've come to appreciate so much. :)

Jerry, I'll be looking forward to your next posts at the Rupert Pupkin Speaks site. I'll also have a post there on Action/Adventure films although I need to write it first!

I've seen Allan Lane in a number of "B" films, though not his Westerns. It should be a very interesting book.

Vienna, can hardly wait to see SOUTH OF ST. LOUIS!

Best wishes,

4:38 PM  

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