Monday, September 22, 2014

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...Exciting news from Cliff Aliperti of Immortal Ephemera: He's adapted some of his posts into an eBook, 11 PRE-CODE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE HISTORIES, which is available in a Kindle edition. The book also includes chapters which are exclusive to the eBook. Everyone who regularly visits Cliff's site appreciates his "deep dives" into periodicals and other sources to provide historical context on films and stars. I had the pleasure of a preview of the book this weekend and though I'm still only partway through it, based on what I've read and being a longtime reader of Cliff's site, I can highly recommend the book to anyone interested in pre-Codes and films of the '30s. As Cliff writes, "My goal is to get you excited about these movies." He plans a series of these eBooks, which is a great idea.

...Vanity Fair profiles the man behind the very useful @NextOnTCM Twitter handle.

...Coming to The Stalking Moon and Phantom Empires this November: The British Empire in Film blogathon!

...On lots of movies and "analysis paralysis": Thanks to Chris Yogerst for passing on "Man With World's Largest DVD Collection Can't Find a Thing to Watch." Anyone who's spent more time than perhaps they should sifting through too many fantastic viewing choices can relate.

...A new series of recommendations, "Underrated Thrillers," has kicked off at Rupert Pupkin Speaks. One of the first lists was by one of my friends and regular readers, Jerry Entract.

...Riding the High Country takes a look at Audie Murphy in GUNSMOKE (1953), a film I found very enjoyable.

...Next month Amazon introduces a Kids Edition of the Kindle Fire, with a colorful "kidproof" case and a two-year no-questions-asked exchange policy if it breaks.

...Jessica reviews the 1959 TV production of MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS at Comet Over Hollywood. It stars Jane Powell, Jeanne Crain, Myrna Loy, Walter Pidgeon, Tab Hunter, and Patty Duke. This is on my "to watch" list also, thanks to the help of my friend Mel!

...Thanks to Toby for passing along illustrated instructions showing how Jim Rockford makes his speedy turns.

...It's been announced that Season 3 of Dick Powell's ZANE GREY THEATRE will be released by Timeless Media on December 2nd. The previously announced Season 2 release will be next week, on September 30th.

...Shout! Factory says its October 28th Complete Series release of WKRP IN CINCINNATI will have as much uncut, original music as possible.

...Last year I fell in love with BEAUTY AND THE BOSS (1932) starring Warren William and Marian Marsh. I called it "delightfully diverting," and Kristina notes in her own review at Speakeasy that that seems to be the reviewer word of choice to describe this wonderful movie! I enjoyed revisiting it in my mind's eye thanks to Kristina's post.

...Fox Cinema Archives is bringing out a Betty Grable favorite, SONG OF THE ISLANDS (1942), on DVD. But what's with releasing such a colorful movie with a boring black and white DVD cover?

...A few days ago I had the chance to see California Chrome getting in some work at the Los Alamitos Race Course. My friend Lindsay took some beautiful photos! Unfortunately he didn't place well in last weekend's Pennsylvania Derby.

...The New York Times looked into the history of the University of Oregon's Donald Duck mascot. Thanks to Walt Disney, the university has had the right to use Donald since 1947.

...Here's a list of "New and Notable Film Books" from Leonard Maltin. Bobby Burgess wrote a memoir! He was friends with my aunt growing up in Long Beach, CA.

...Attention Southern Californians: A production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC will open at the Ahmanson Theatre in September 2015, followed by a North American tour.

...Last weekend Will McKinley Tweeted that it was the 37th anniversary of the infamous HAPPY DAYS episode which inadvertently gave us the enduring phrase "jump the shark." I was actually at the filming of the in-studio scenes for that episode!

...Notable Passing: Actress Polly Bergen has passed on at the age of 84. Her film career began in 1949 and notably included CAPE FEAR (1962) with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum and MOVE OVER, DARLING (1963) with James Garner and Doris Day. She played Mitchum's wife in the epic TV miniseries THE WINDS OF WAR (1983) and WAR AND REMEMBRANCE (1988-89). She was an Emmy winner for a 1957 episode of PLAYHOUSE 90, "The Helen Morgan Story."

...Another Notable Passing: Philip Somerville, milliner for Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, has passed on at 84.

Have a great week!


Blogger Kristina said...

thanks for the 'delightful' mention Laura. Thinking Beauty and the Boss should become the dictionary entry for that word.

Wow what a group of amazing links! I know what's going to be on my kindle soon, Cliff's book! Also I was checking out Jerry's list of thrillers and noting a bunch to look for, very good stuff there.


2:02 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention of our event! It has been immense fun, and it's still only September. :)

Clayton @ Phantom Empires

2:05 PM  
Blogger Cliff Aliperti said...

Thank you so much for such prominent mention of the eBook, Laura!

Just to whet the appetite for the types of titles I covered, I'll add that the two exclusive pieces are For the Defense with William Powell, and Margaret Sullavan's debut Only Yesterday. All of the other nine articles have been revised, some extensively so, especially Hell's Highway and Call Her Savage.

Thanks again!

2:22 PM  
Blogger Jerry E said...

Many thanks for your kind mention, Laura, as always.

Thanks also to Kristina for taking the time to check out my list of thrillers - appreciated. Think you would enjoy them.

Further - I would commend to others those 2 volumes from Timeless of "Zane Grey Theatre" sets. I have Season One and found it very entertaining so would have no reason to assume Seasons 2 and 3 would be any less. With Dick Powell and Four Star TV producing you could always be pretty sure of quality.

4:19 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks to you all so much for your comments! I'm always very happy to know the roundup is enjoyed, and I'm delighted to have the chance to share all your links. :)

I want to pull out Jerry's recommendation of THEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE soon -- Sally Gray is in one of my all-time favorite British films, GREEN FOR DANGER.

Cliff, thanks for the added details on your eBook! :)

Jerry, my dad has likewise strongly recommended Season 1 of ZANE GREY THEATRE. I need more time to watch stuff to keep up with all these great recommendations, LOL!

Best wishes,

10:38 AM  
Blogger Jerry E said...

I've noticed before, Laura, that your Dad has excellent taste! I know time is a problem but they really are worth putting some time aside for.

11:56 AM  

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