Monday, February 16, 2015

Quick Preview of TCM in May

Turner Classic Movies recently posted the channel's tentative May schedule.

May will be an exciting month on TCM, including Sterling Hayden as the Star of the Month!

Over 20 Sterling Hayden movies will be shown every Wednesday evening in May. There are some truly outstanding lineups, including a night of film noir, another of aviation and war films, an evening of Westerns, and a night of eclectic titles which include DR. STRANGELOVE (1964).

In a perfect world the lineup would have also included his two pre-war films, VIRGINIA (1941) and BAHAMA PASSAGE (1941), both for Paramount, or his first film after he was off the screen for six years, BLAZE OF NOON (1947), along with some other hard-to-find titles such as Universal's charming TAKE ME TO TOWN (1953). However, those films are from studios which are more expensive for TCM to license, and the movies that TCM does have in the lineup are excellent, underscoring what a terrific career Hayden had.

The May Friday Night Spotlight will shine on Orson Welles. All the films one would expect will be on hand for the Welles nights, featuring his work both in front of and behind the camera. I'm particularly intrigued by the unfinished TOO MUCH JOHNSON (1938) starring Joseph Cotten.

I'm particularly excited about a day paying tribute to the lovely Anne Jeffreys, recently reviewed here in TRAIL STREET (1947) and RETURN OF THE BAD MEN (1948). The talented actress and singer, who was Mrs. Robert Sterling off the screen, will be seen in eight films, ranging from films where she had bit parts to larger roles in some rarely shown titles which I look forward to checking out.

Other May tributes include Greta Garbo, Frank Capra, Cesar Romero, Gary Cooper, Katharine Hepburn, James Mason, James Stewart, Doris Day, and Laurence Olivier.

May themes include secretaries, nurses, sons, Rome, shipwrecks, and airplane disasters. As usual, Memorial Day Weekend will be devoted to war films.

I'll have a more detailed look at the May schedule around April 30th. In the meantime, Ann Sothern will be Star of the Month in March, while April will celebrate the centennial of Oscar-winning actor Anthony Quinn, born April 21, 2015.

Update: For much more information on TCM in May 2015, please visit TCM in May: Highlights and TCM Star of the Month: Sterling Hayden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn. After I saw that Sterling Hayden would be Star of the Month I was hoping that they would show Take Me to Town. Oh well.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

One of these days more Universal and Paramount movies will be freed up for viewing...until then, it's hard to wait!

Best wishes,

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Anne Jeffreys day in May—boy, that's good timing! I'd just developed a yen to see some of her movies again, when—whoops!—I realized there are but two in my collection, both of them Dick Tracy pictures, and while I think those are swell, Anne's place in them is as just so much standard equipment.

But Riffraff is on the schedule! I'd seen that one...oh, years ago, and liked it a lot. It's gone sort of hazy in memory, but I seem to recall it as Noir in the tropics, with battered Panama hats, and blur-into-black knock-outs, and Anne holding a job in a dive. "A nifty," I thought then. I'm looking forward to viewing it again.

And, say: Taking a good look the above portrait of Anne, I think she's wearing one of Ginger Roger's dresses from Bachelor Mother. Which comment is apropos of nothing, but maybe it's interesting.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You have me even more interested to see RIFFRAFF, Carrie!

I haven't seen those DICK TRACY movies -- they sound fun! I see Jane Greer is in one of them, too.

Have you seen Jeffreys in STEP BY STEP with Lawrence Tierney? I liked it a lot, though it's not being shown as part of this series.

I went to Google Images and found a couple shots of Ginger in BACHELOR MOTHER -- the dress is definitely very similar if it's not the exact dress! That is really fun. I tend not to be too observant about wardrobes being reused and am always glad when those kinds of fun details are pointed out.

Again, so nice to hear from you!

Best wishes,

12:27 AM  

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