Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Centennial Tribute to Sterling Hayden

Today marks the centennial of the birth of Sterling Hayden.

Hayden was born in New Jersey on March 26, 1916.

Hayden was a Renaissance man with notable accomplishments as actor, author, soldier, and sailor.

On film Hayden was equally comfortable in Westerns and film noir. Here's a photo gallery to celebrate Hayden's centennial:

With Jean Hagen in John Huston's crime classic THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (1950):

With Ann Sheridan in a real charmer of a film, Douglas Sirk's TAKE ME TO TOWN (1953):

I think my favorite Hayden film is CRIME WAVE (1954), in which he plays a grouchy toothpick-chewing cop:

1954 was a banner year in Hayden's career, which also included JOHNNY GUITAR (shown with Joan Crawford)...

...and SUDDENLY...

...and NAKED ALIBI (here with Gloria Grahame):

In publicity for the underrated Western SHOTGUN (1955), which costarred Yvonne DeCarlo and Zachary Scott:

With Coleen Gray during the stunning finale of Kubrick's classic THE KILLING (1956):

Sterling Hayden died due to cancer on May 23, 1986. He was 70 years old.

The American Cinematheque honors Hayden's centennial this weekend at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Sterling Hayden movies reviewed at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings: VARIETY GIRL (1947), EL PASO (1949) (also here), DENVER AND RIO GRANDE (1951), FLAT TOP (1952), TAKE ME TO TOWN (1953), CRIME WAVE (1954), NAKED ALIBI (1954) (also here), SUDDENLY (1954), ARROW IN THE DUST (1954) (also here), JOHNNY GUITAR (1954) (also here), TOP GUN (1955), SHOTGUN (1955), THE KILLING (1956), 5 STEPS TO DANGER (1957) (also here), and ZERO HOUR! (1957).

Just a few other notable Sterling Hayden films include THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (1950), SO BIG (1953), PRINCE VALIANT (1954), THE COME ON (1956), CRIME OF PASSION (1957), DR. STRANGELOVE (1964), THE GODFATHER (1972), and THE LONG GOODBYE (1973).

Update: Here's a review of Sterling Hayden in TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN (1958).


Blogger KC said...

One of the most interesting things about the Teresa Wright biography was the part about her "intense friendship" with Sterling Hayden. I guess it wasn't quite a full-on romance, but they spent a lot of time together and you could say they were emotionally connected. I'd never heard about that before.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I never heard that before either, and I'm fascinated. Definitely want to read that Wright bio!

Thank you for sharing that!

Best wishes,

2:43 PM  
Blogger Jerry E said...

That bio sounds fascinating!

Very nice tribute, Laura, to an actor I have watched for years but developed a great appreciation for in more recent times. Many enjoyable movies are mentioned but one that wasn't was 'THE LAST COMMAND' (1955) so I would like to both mention and recommend this very fine movie. Made by Republic with a big budget and large cast led by Hayden as Jim Bowie and with strong support from Richard Carlson, Ernest Borgnine, J. Carroll Naish etc, it has an intelligent script and great sweep, as you would expect.

12:42 AM  
Blogger KC said...

If you haven't got the Wright bio. yet Laura, I think it's available on NetGalley now! You should request it. I'll bet they'd send you the book if you prefer that format. I can get you contact info.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks, Jerry, for your kind words and the comments on THE LAST COMMAND. The combo of Hayden and Richard Carlson is my kind of movie. :)

I'd appreciate the contact info regarding the Wright bio very much, KC. I did write for a review copy when I got a publicity email a few weeks ago, but I've found the contact I have at that publisher a little erratic in terms of responses. I'd appreciate your suggestion on where to write! I'd definitely like to review it here, I think there would be a great deal of interest.

Best wishes,

3:24 PM  

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