Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Centennial Tribute to Margaret Lockwood

The great British actress Margaret Lockwood was born a century ago today.

Lockwood was born September 15, 1916, in British India, now Pakistan.

Terry, who is hosting the Margaret Lockwood Centennial Blogathon at his blog A Shroud of Thoughts, has written a detailed biography of the actress.

My favorite Lockwood films are Hitchcock's splendid THE LADY VANISHES (1938), entertaining no matter how many times one has seen it...

...and her role as a pianist with a heart ailment in LOVE STORY (1944) opposite Stewart Granger. Aside from affecting performances by Lockwood and Granger, the film is memorable for Hubert Bath's "Cornish Rhapsody."

More Margaret Lockwood photos, starting with RULERS OF THE SEA (1939) opposite Douglas Fairbanks Jr.:

With Randolph Scott in SUSANNAH OF THE MOUNTIES (1939):

NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH (1940), an excellent film in which she starred opposite Rex Harrison and Paul Henreid:

THE WICKED LADY (1945), opposite James Mason, one of her most famous roles:

Many years later, she was one of the best things in THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE: THE STORY OF CINDERELLA (1976), playing the Wicked Stepmother with relish:

The actress died in London in July 1990. She was survived by her only child, Julia.

The Margaret Lockwood Society on Facebook is a great resource for information and photographs of the actress.

Margaret Lockwood movies previously reviewed here: THE LADY VANISHES (1938), BANK HOLIDAY (1938), RULERS OF THE SEA (1939), SUSANNAH OF THE MOUNTIES (1939), NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH (1940), THE MAN IN GREY (1943), LOVE STORY (1944), HIGHLY DANGEROUS (1950), and THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE: THE STORY OF CINDERELLA (1976).

Other notable Lockwood films not mentioned above include LORNA DOONE (1934), DOCTOR SYN (1937), A GIRL MUST LIVE (1939), THE STARS LOOK DOWN (1940), GIRL IN THE NEWS (1940), GIVE US THE MOON (1944), A PLACE OF ONE'S OWN (1945), BEDELIA (1946), HUNGRY HILL (1947), JASSY (1947), MADNESS OF THE HEART (1949), TRENT'S LAST CASE (1952), and CAST A DARK SHADOW (1955).


Blogger Jerry E said...

A great British film star and enormously popular in her time. She starred on TV 1971-74 as a barrister in "JUSTICE", a rather good series, as I recall, and she was very good in it. Pretty well retired after that.

Very nice tribute, Laura.

BTW, we have just seen (at the cinema) a new British film called "ME BEFORE YOU" which was a very well made and acted job and the most enjoyable new film of 2016 I have yet seen. Very moving.
Don't know how far round the globe it has travelled.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jerry! JUSTICE sounds like something I would enjoy. Glad you enjoyed the tribute!

ME BEFORE YOU played in the U.S. in a few months ago. Didn't hear much about it so was interested in your take. Thanks!

Best wishes,

10:33 AM  

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