Monday, July 31, 2017

Sam Shepard, RIP

Sad news today with the passing of actor-playwright Sam Shepard.

Shepard died last Thursday, July 27th, from Lou Gehrig's disease. He was 73.

If THE RIGHT STUFF (1983) had been Shepard's only film, his iconic, Oscar-nominated performance as Chuck Yeager would still cement his place in cinema history.

I also particularly love him as the sweet, funny veterinarian who's part of Diane Keaton's new life in BABY BOOM (1987)...

...and he was excellent as a hardworking farmer in COUNTRY (1984), costarring his longtime partner Jessica Lange:

Shepard's other films included DAYS OF HEAVEN (1978), RAGGEDY MAN (1981), STEEL MAGNOLIAS (1989), THE PELICAN BRIEF (1993), and AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (2013), to name just a few. His most recent work included the TV series BLOODLINE.

I haven't even addressed his work as a playwright, which included winning a Pulitzer Prize. The world has lost a man of enormous talent.


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