Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tonight's Movie: Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery (2017)

CONCRETE EVIDENCE: A FIXER UPPER MYSTERY (2017) is the second film in one of Hallmark's newest mystery movie series.

CONCRETE EVIDENCE follows FRAMED FOR MURDER: A FIXER UPPER MYSTERY (2017). Both films are based on a series written by Kate Carlisle.

Contractor Shannon Hughes (Jewel) has begun work on renovations for an old home owned by writer Mac Sullivan (Colin Ferguson), who's living in her guest house during construction.

While working on the house Shannon's crew discovers a dumbwaiter which has been intentionally stuck in place, and when they work it free it leads to the discovery of a skeleton. Soon Shannon and Mac are investigating a murder along with the police, as the mystery points them to several people of interest, including teachers at the local high school.

CONCRETE EVIDENCE builds well on the initial entry. Like the first film, there's a large cast to wrangle and track, but this time the movie doesn't have to simultaneously introduce the core cast of characters. Even better, the relationship between Shannon and Mac is already established and continues to grow over the course of the movie.

The charm and likeable chemistry of Jewel and Ferguson goes a long way to carry the film. The supporting characters don't particularly distinguish themselves from one another, but the attractive and personable lead actors make the film worth seeing. I'm looking forward to seeing them in the next FIXER UPPER title which is due to air on Hallmark Channel later in 2017.

Like the first film, CONCRETE EVIDENCE was directed by Mark Jean and filmed by Tyler Walzak. More films may follow the upcoming third title if the series does well in the ratings.


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