Friday, August 04, 2017

Today at Disneyland: Return of the Classics

This afternoon we paid our first visit to Disneyland in a while. What a beautiful summer day!

At the Town Square flagpole:

We were there to enjoy the "Return of the Classics," as several attractions have reopened after a long hiatus due to Star Wars Land construction.

The Mark Twain has been closed for roughly a year and a half, so it was wonderful to go aboard once more!

The Mark Twain gave us great views of the refurbishments and the new bridges and waterfalls added when the river was shortened.

Star Wars Land construction continues in the distance; it's expected to open before the 2019 Disney Expo.

The waterfalls look (and sound) great!

I love the beaver chewing away at the trestle:

The Indian Camp:

The Sailing Ship Columbia is seen in the distance:

The Disneyland Railroad also reopened last weekend; here the Ward Kimball, partly hidden from view, receives water at the New Orleans Square station. (Click the photo to enlarge for a closer look.) The trains, with their bells, whistles, and hissing, add so much to the park atmosphere!

The train provided a good view of the settler's house and one of the Mike Fink Keelboats docked next to Tom Sawyer Island...

...along with a view from the back of the Indian Camp.

They've done an A+ job with the scenery along the route. And it's great fun for us that our friend Bob Joles is now the voice of the Disneyland Railroad narrator!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye...

...but before leaving we made one last stop, visiting Marty Sklar's tribute window at City Hall. Marty, a legendary Imagineer, passed away on July 27th.

There's more about Marty Sklar in a tribute by Todd Martens in the Los Angeles Times. Everyone who loves Disneyland owes him a debt of gratitude for his decades working on behalf of the park.

I expect to be at Disneyland again in a few days...perhaps I'll even take a ride in the newly reopened Davy Crockett Canoes!

Have a great weekend!

Update: Today at Disneyland: Return of the Classics, Part 2.


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