Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Centennial Birthday, Marsha Hunt!

Today is a very special day for all of us who love classic films, as we celebrate the 100th birthday of a lovely, talented, and very special woman, Marsha Hunt.

Marsha Hunt was born on October 17, 1917, in Chicago, Illinois.

Turner Classic Movies will pay tribute to Marsha with an eight-film tribute today; they'll also show a short she made with Eddie Muller, THE GRAND INQUISITOR (2008). Be sure to also catch Eddie paying tribute to Marsha this Sunday, October 22, when he screens RAW DEAL (1948) on TCM's Noir Alley series. She's seen below in RAW DEAL, flanked by Claire Trevor and Dennis O'Keefe.

I've been privileged to hear Marsha speak on a number of occasions, and I even had the honor of sitting at her table at a luncheon once. I was in the audience for a great 2012 interview she gave at the Egyptian Theatre which can be seen on YouTube; additional parts of the interview are at the YouTube page's right margin. In his introduction Eddie Muller describes Marsha as "the most remarkable woman I've ever met in my life." Watching it again brought back a really wonderful evening; I think I floated home afterwards!

It's not the best photo (my apologies to the gentlemen), but I like this April 2011 snapshot of Marsha with Eddie Muller and Alan K. Rode which I think captures the fun of being in her beaming presence:

Marsha Hunt is a remarkable lady who has withstood losses over her long life yet radiates gratitude and serenity. When I met her in 2011 she told me "I've had a wonderful life!"

I've paid tribute to Marsha Hunt on her birthday on three past occasions, her 90th birthday in 2007, her 95th birthday in 2012, and last year's 99th birthday. Each post is a little different, and I encourage Marsha's fans to visit each one for more stories and photos of this remarkable, elegant lady.

Happy birthday, dear Marsha Hunt!

Marsha Hunt films reviewed at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings: THE ACCUSING FINGER (1936), EASY LIVING (1937) (bit part; also reviewed here), ANNAPOLIS SALUTE (1937) (also here), THESE GLAMOUR GIRLS (1939), WINTER CARNIVAL (1939), IRENE (1940) (also here), FLIGHT COMMAND (1940), I'LL WAIT FOR YOU (1941), UNHOLY PARTNERS (1941), KID GLOVE KILLER (1942) (also here), THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA (1942), SEVEN SWEETHEARTS (1942), PILOT #5 (1943), LOST ANGEL (1943), MUSIC FOR MILLIONS (1944), BRIDE BY MISTAKE (1944), A LETTER FOR EVIE (1946), THE INSIDE STORY (1947), RAW DEAL (1948), MARY RYAN, DETECTIVE (1949), TAKE ONE FALSE STEP (1949), THE HAPPY TIME (1952), and BOMBERS B-52 (1957).

Update: Here's a review of one of Marsha's earliest films, DESERT GOLD (1936).

Update: Here are reviews of THE VALLEY OF DECISION (1945) and THE VIRGINIA JUDGE (1935).

2019 Update: Happy Birthday, Marsha Hunt!


Blogger john k said...

A lovely tribute Laura.

You may be interested to know that in December Classicflix are giving us a new re-mastered
version of RAW DEAL-the extras look very appealing.Among these extras is a feature on
Dennis O'Keefe an actor I would like to know lots more about. The quality of Classicflix'
releases is outstanding and to have, at last, pristine copies of Anthony Mann classics like
RAW DEAL and T-MEN is a dream come true.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thank you, John!! The ClassicFlix prints are fantastic.

Best wishes,

10:08 PM  

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