Friday, July 06, 2018

Today at Disney California Adventure: Pixar Pier

We're having an unusual heat wave here in Southern California, with temperatures hitting 114 today in North Orange County and going a few degrees higher in the Los Angeles area.

Before the weather forecast was known, we had made plans to spend the morning with our daughter visiting Disney California Adventure's new Pixar Pier, and we went ahead and did that, arriving at park opening and leaving at noon, before the worst of the heat hit!

We'll be spending more time on a cooler day taking additional photos, but here are just a few snapshots from today's visit, starting with a shot of the Incredicoaster and Pixar Pal-A-Round at Pixar Pier...

...and here's the new entrance sign:

Ariel's Grotto has been replaced by the Lamplight Lounge:

Some nice detail in the Lamplight Lounge window (click this or any photo to enlarge for a closer look):

Below, the Incredicoaster entrance. Beyond the entrance, there is some great mid-Century design in the ride queue area which I hope to photograph on a return visit. The ride makeover was cute, especially windows featuring Edna Mode at the start and finish of the ride.

The new cookies inspired by Baby Jack-Jack, sold at the Incredicoaster exit, are terrific; served warm, they reminded me of the cookies sold with ice cream at the late, lamented Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland. One was more than enough for three of us to share.

I have to admit I'm sad to see King Triton's Carousel made over, as I loved the theming, which included pictures of classic Southern California beachside amusement parks. A couple photos I took in 2008 are here.

One of these went home with me!

Leaving Paradise Pier:

The last thing we did today at California Adventure was take a ride on Grizzly River Run, and we didn't mind getting wet one bit!

We made a quick shopping stop in Disneyland before heading home. Town Hall is decked out in Pixar-themed bunting rather than the usual summer red, white, and blue:

Stay cool and have a great weekend!


Blogger Jerry Entract said...

114° is pretty horrific, Laura. We are having endless days at around 90° in this part of the UK currently. I am starting to be reminded of that 1961 movie "THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE" LOL. Actually, that's no joke.......
Stay cool!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Irene said...

I hear from various Disney sites that the crowds were really low (which hardly ever happens anymore) yesterday. I saw your daughter's picture on Facebook and I was like, wow, you folks are brave!!! I no longer have a Pass so I have enjoyed the photos and videos I've seen of the Pixar Pier area. I really like from what I've seen on YouTube, the Pixar Philharmonic group (or whatever it's called). Has a real Spike Jones feel to it :)

8:25 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Jerry! I definitely can't remember when we last had temps like that! Today it dropped down to your temperature range, a relatively pleasant 91 degrees, LOL. Hope your area of the UK cools off soon!!

Irene, while there were plenty of people there it was definitely less congested than usual yesterday! I felt bad for people who had planned vacations far in advance and couldn't head for home at noon like we did. We'll be back when it's cooler to take a longer look around and hopefully see the Pixar fireworks also. We saw the Pixar Philharmonic while we ate dinner in May and really enjoyed them! Hope all is well with you. :)

Best wishes,

9:12 AM  

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