Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TCM Announces 2019 Festival Dates and Theme

Over the last few years Turner Classic Movies has made major announcements regarding the TCM Classic Film Festival in late August, and this year was no exception!

Today TCM announced its 2019 festival dates and theme. The festival returns to Hollywood from April 11-14, 2019, with the theme "Follow Your Heart: Love at the Movies."

The festival website says "Whether it’s in the afternoon, at first sight or in the air, the TCM Classic Film Festival will celebrate love in all of its forms. As we come together for the 10th Annual Festival, and the 25th anniversary of TCM, there will be many-splendored moments to revel in romance and obsessions, delight in faithful friendships and surrender to the enduring allure of the silver screen with fellow classic movie lovers."

TCM shared a promo video on Twitter, which is fun as I know several people seen in the video!

The prices for festival passes are holding steady again this year. This will mark the third consecutive year without an increase in pass prices. Click the link in this paragraph for complete pricing details.

For anyone considering going, please check out my overview of the 2018 Festival and all the links included in that post, including those for past festival coverage.

Anyone considering attending should also monitor TCM's festival website and the TCM Twitter feed for regular updates. And, as always, I'll be sharing festival information here as it develops!

My hotel room is booked, and I'm thrilled at the prospect of another wonderful time spent with TCM and friends in Hollywood -- hope to see many of you there in 2019!

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Blogger Seth said...

My room is booked, too. Thankfully I have a few months before tickets go on sale to decide which one is right for me (and save up for them!)

6:12 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That's great to hear, Seth! Hope to renew our "in person" acquaintance in 2019. :)

Best wishes,

12:15 AM  

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